Charlotte Vacková

Charlotte Vacková is a 24 year old director from Prague, Czech republic. She finished her BA (Hons) Fine Art Experimental Media degree in 2015 and went to study MA Film (directing) in Edinburgh, Scotland. She first started to explore audio-visual media in 2012. Her first film “Loss” was introduced at several film festivals in the Czech Republic. She sees video as a unique and very powerful art form to capture and express feelings, memories and emotions. She enjoys creating visually interesting cohesive aesthetics. Moreover, She focuses on referencing and she does it a lot to tell stories where no words are needed. Her short films might be surreal, bizarre and colorful but dark and dramatic as well. The characters portrayed in her videos are usually beautiful and strong females. This fascination by women comes from a deep social research. She use this knowledge to make the human personality fit together in harmony with visuals, showing strong, but fragile emotions by using unconventional point of view.

CEZ group: “The Energy Price”

Liquid Soul Trailer


Terresa – Whisper